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Take 12 Recovery Radio and KHLT Recovery Broadcasting is a faith based owned and operated Recovery Talk and Positive Music Internet Radio Station.
The world's oldest recovery radio station broadcasting recovery talk and positive music 24 hours a day.  In addition to our shows we have recovery workshops and special broadcast that air weekly.
"The Internet is a community all it's own, and like any community it's population is filled to the overflowing with hurting and desperate people searching for a way out of drug, alcohol and other addictions. I believe that the only way to experience total recovery from this type of bondage is through accountability, education and a relationship with a power greater than ourselves, GOD.
It is in the context of the original program of Alcoholics Anonymous, and the direction of a loving God that Take12Radio.com & KHLT Recovery Broadcasting are effective."
Monty makes no apologizes for being specific that his Higher Power is Jesus Christ.  Monty is a Board Certified Recovery Mentor.
​Visit the stations web site at: www.Take12Radio.com
KHLT Recovery Broadcasting
P.O. Box 93
Albany, OR 97321
Email: Take12Radio@comcast.net

              Addiction is the number one health crisis in our world. Recovery from this insidious illness gets the least amount of attention due to stigma."                                                                                                                  ~ Monty Dale Meyer CRM, PPS
Phone: (541) 971-6445
Albany, Oregon
Take 12 Recovery Radio
Take 12 Radio is not a business but a service organization. We operate by donations and sponsorship grants. 
To donate visit www.Take12Radio.com and click on the donate button at the bottom of the page. 
~Thank You!
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