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About Us

I married my best friend Marsha. She is my first and last wife. (Smile) God has gifted us with two marvelous sons and two amazing daughter-in-laws.
Cameron and Amber and live in Albany, OR, both working to help others through their special gifts and talents through healthcare.  Colin and Emily live in Hubbard, OR and are pastors at Family Life Church in Newberg.
All love the Lord and are gifted and talented in their own unique way. Marsha is from Iowa and I am from California. Together we make a team of ragamuffins to be reckoned with.  I absolutely adore each and every one.
Our family moto is "Never Give Up!"
Nothing in this world is as important as God and Family. May we never take that for granted!                                                                       ~ Dad
Family Rules: 1. Share your struggles and your victories 2. Speak with love. 3. Tell the the truth. 4. Mind your manners 5. Choose what's wise not what's right. 6. Be courageous. 7. Pray for each other. 8. Forgive freely. 
9. Always do your best. 10. Be thankful. 12. Never give up!

Phone: (541) 971-6445
Albany, OR 97321

        In the family, happiness is in the ratio in which each is serving the others, seeking one another's good, and bearing one another's burdens."                                                ~Henry Ward Beecher

My Incredible Family
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Feasting Together
Is Biblical! LOL